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The Cast-in-place Class 1 course with language support will be available starting on November 1st

Roughly one year after Concrete Course Class 2 was released with language support for 20 languages, it's now time for the Class 1 online course to have the same conditions.

  • Examinations are offered in English.

  • 12 months of access to the online course, including updates during the access period. For example, if you start now, full language support services will be added to your account.

  • Monthly exam opportunities available during the access period.

  • Concrete manuals + Formwork manual are included in the course

  • Live events featuring leading lecturers will be held every 6 months.

  • Access to subject experts throughout the course through the learning platform.

Hur funkar det?

Betong klass 1 med stöd på engelska

betong klass 1 med stöd på engelska


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